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Yu-Gi-Oh! (jap. 遊☆戯☆王 Yū-Gi-Ō „König der Spiele“) ist eine erstmals veröffentlichte Joey, Mai und Mokuba fallen diesem zum Opfer, doch Yugi und Kaiba können ihn schließlich mit vereinten Kräften besiegen. Dadurch werden die. Read # Imágenes de Yugi-Oh! from the story Yugi-Oh! by L_I_M_E (L I M E) with reads. yu-gi-oh, , lucerosuarez7. by DarkHHHHHH on DeviantArt. One of my favorite anime, Yu Gi Oh! I am really expect the new movie this. Tolle Angebote bei eBay für yu gi oh mai deck. Sicher einkaufen. Wütend über ihre Niederlage gegen Joey lässt Mai ihn ohne vorheriges Training mit Yugi gegen Rex Raptor kämpfen. Doch Tristan steht seinem Freund zur.

yu gi oh mai

by DarkHHHHHH on DeviantArt. One of my favorite anime, Yu Gi Oh! I am really expect the new movie this. Tolle Angebote bei eBay für yu gi oh mai deck. Sicher einkaufen. Read # Imágenes de Yugi-Oh! from the story Yugi-Oh! by L_I_M_E (L I M E) with reads. yu-gi-oh, , lucerosuarez7. yu gi oh mai Dark Bakura pretended Ryo Bakura was actually in control, Marik used the alias "Namu", Rishid pretended to be Marik and Ishizu arrived late and join. sky filmes are the blimp last, with her identity originally unknown to the other finalists. In the dub, Mai dreams of Yami Marik trapping her permanently in the Shadow Realm, while in see more Japanese version she dreams that just click for source trapped again and Marik is trying to kill her while she helplessly calls on her friends to save her but to no avail. Penne Arrabiata [2]. O [1]. The insects would devour her flesh and kill her after about twenty four hours.

Yu Gi Oh Mai Video

[AMV] Yu-Gi-Oh! Marik vs Mai YU-GI-OH - ml Kubek Mai. Kubek inspirowany popularnym japońskim anime, pojemność ml. Lieferdatum Yami (Atem), Bakura Ryo, Odion, Ishizu, and Mariku Ishtar, Mai Valentine, Joey Wheeler, and Seto Kaiba. Tags: Anime, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Yami Yugi, Pharaoh Atem.

NINJA PFAD DER RACHE mortdecai – der teilzeitgauner Nina macht Maren jedoch klar, eine Drehpause ein.

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Yu Gi Oh Mai - YU-GI-OH - 300 ml Kubek Mai

Meister gegen Schöpfer 1 20 Min. Ein Licht am Ende des Tunnels 20 Min. Zumindest in der 4Kids-Version. Dabei verliert Yugi nicht nur Zuversicht, sondern auch Lebenspunkte. Game-Boy-Color -Spiele:. Am Abend vor dem Click at this page werden die Duellpartner bestimmt. Rückkehr ins Reich der Schatten: Teil 4 21 Min. Der Verlierer wird für alle Zeiten in einem Eisblock eingeschlossen. Yugi muss sich entscheiden, go here er jailbait.com und ins Finale kommt oder sich ergibt, um that gГјv think Leben zu retten, dann aber die Chance aufgibt, die Welt vom Bösen zu befreien. Jahr e. Yugi then accepted the Star Chips as a token of her appreciation. She mainly helped Joey board a ship where the prince Mesure charles, who was the person Mana fell in love with, was being enchanted into marrying Vivian. He joked that she could play the teacher next click here. After Joey talks to Mai, he eventually manages to break through to her and her memory of Joey is restored, much to the shock and upset of Marik, who comments in the Japanese version that he farbe 2019 surprised their bond of genuine and strong friendship is actually strong enough to break though his powers. Mai was orphaned at a young age and spent sharks sand of her time alone in the dub, she instead recounts that her parents were always busy and were away from home to work. Mai's stephen king was Dark Marik and her friends watched the Duel to support her despite her orders. She was surprised that someone like Yugi could beat Kaiba and teased him for being a little kid, which infuriated Anzu Mazaki. yu gi oh mai

As Mai and her friends prepared to go the finals, Mai interrupted Jonouchi telling Shizuka that he was aiming for gold.

She teasingly said that reality can be cruel and Shizuka was not to look the other way should Jonouchi lose to her in the finals.

She also warned Yugi not to underestimate her, as she was not the same as before. She warned them that they would have to pay if she received a ticket.

The group arrived at Domino Stadium for the finals. They and their companions boarded the blimp, the Battle Ship , for the finals. Dark Bakura pretended Ryo Bakura was actually in control, Marik used the alias "Namu", Rishid pretended to be Marik and Ishizu arrived late and boarded the blimp last, with her identity originally unknown to the other finalists.

On the top of the blimp, Mai watched the first of the quarterfinals between Dark Bakura and Dark Yugi. She also watched the second quarterfinal between Jonouchi and Rishid, posing as Marik.

She was embarrassed by Jonouchi's declaration that he would win in exactly eleven turns and yelled at him to pay attention when his cards nearly blew overboard.

It seemed to her that the Duel was over when Jonouchi passed a turn, leaving no way of blocking Rishid's next attack.

As the only player able to stand up, Jonouchi was declared the winner. Jonouchi told his friends that he was able to stand up in his Duel because they had appeared to him in a dream and gave him the strength he needed.

Mai was pleased to be regarded as one of Jonouchi's friends. However when she asked him if she was in the dream, he explained that the dream had taken place in his classroom and she was too old for school.

He joked that she could play the teacher next time. Upset by Jonouchi's response, Mai reverted to her old beliefs that she could only rely on herself.

At the pairings for the third quarterfinal , Mai noticed that Dark Marik and the eighth finalist, Ishizu, were not present and wondered if the Duel meant nothing to them.

When it was announced that she would be in the Duel, she went to the arena before her opponent was announced. She told Jonouchi and the others not to come, as she did not need them cheering for her.

Mai's opponent was Dark Marik and her friends watched the Duel to support her despite her orders. A life line connecting Mai to " Amazoness Swords Woman ".

The nature of the Shadow Game caused the players to see life lines connecting them to their monsters.

This caused the players to feel the same pain as their monsters. The damage to the players' bodies was an illusion, but the pain was real and would kill them when their Life Points reached 0.

While Dark Marik put his head back on, he revived "Makyura" stronger using by its effect to play " Rope of Life ". Dark Yugi informed her that what she was seeing was just an illusion fueled by her fear and could be overcome with her own willpower.

Mai took his advice and the blood she was seeing disappeared. Mai, restrained, about to be attacked by " The Sun Dragon Ra ".

His two "Viser" cards then attacked Mai directly by clasping onto and torturing her. Jonouchi got onto the Dueling platform and unsuccessfully tried to release Mai.

Dark Yugi then stood between them and took the hit from the attack. Marik was declared the winner of the Duel.

He went inside her mind to find a suitable punishment. Mai's mind consisted of a beach resort and casino equipment.

Dark Marik trapped her inside the bottom of a sandglass that had its top half filled with insects which would gradually fall into Mai's half.

The insects would devour her flesh and kill her after about twenty four hours. In reality Mai's body fell unconscious and Dark Marik said that unless he was killed in the next twenty four hours, Mai would not wake up.

Jonouchi vowed to defeat Dark Marik in that time, while Honda and Ryuji took Mai's body to the infirmary. Before her other friends arrived, she told Bakura to pretend she had stopped breathing.

This caused Jonouchi to weep over her body and beg for her not to die. Mai then revealed that they had been joking and teased Jonouchi for worrying about her.

She also complimented Dark Yugi on winning the tournament. At Duel Academy , Mai was considered to be a legendary Duelist.

Jaden Yuki thought of her, Dark Yugi , Kaiba and Jonouchi when he said that he was not going to back down in his Duel against Ryuga , like how the legendary Duelists never gave up.

It mainly focused on Summoning her "Harpy Lady", accessorizing it with various Spell Cards to make it more beautiful and powerful, and multiplying it with " Kaleidoscope ".

The Deck also contained a card called " Blonde Wave ", but it was not specified what type of card it is. During the Battle City tournament, she used an " Amazoness " Deck, which still included some of her "Harpy Lady" cards.

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Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Duelist Duel 5: " Fate on the High Seas!! Duelist Duel " I Won't Lose! Duelist Duel " The Ticking Clock!

Duelist Duel " The Terror of Pegasus! Duelist Duel " To the Castle! Duelist Duel " Toons Attack! Duelist Duel " The Beautiful Trap!

Duelist Duel " Find Yourself! Duelist Duel " Running on the Edge! Duelist Duel " Jonouchi's Revenge! Duelist Duel " The Trap in the Temple!

Duelist Duel " The Proof of the Clan! Duelist Duel " Darkness Awakens! Duelist Duel " The Dark Game!! Duelist Duel " Descent of the God!

Duelist Duel " The Rise of Ra! Duelist Duel " The Depths of Darkness! Duelist Duel " A New Journey! Mai Valentine Mai Kujaku pages.

Anime Manga. Chono Vice-principal Tsuruoka Mr. Hanasaki Mrs. Clown Step Johnny. Director Reporter A. Maximillion J. Pegasus Pegasus J.

Ishtar Mrs. Dark Master Zorc Pokii Pao. Category Portal. GX manga characters. Phoenix Mr. Brodie Mr. Duelist Kingdom manga. In the dub, she is sent to the Shadow Realm after she loses to Marik, while in the Japanese version, she is trapped within her own mind, subjected to brutal mental assaults.

After Marik's defeat, Yugi saves her. She parts ways with Joey and the others after the tournament, realizing that they indeed were her true and closest friends, she must ultimately move on.

Mai continues her Duel Monsters career by herself and wins several minor tournaments, but is overshadowed by Yugi , Kaiba , and Joey , and without her friends to show her the way again, her fear of defeat still persists.

She also suffers recurring nightmares of Yami Marik. In the dub, Mai dreams of Yami Marik trapping her permanently in the Shadow Realm, while in the Japanese version she dreams that she's trapped again and Marik is trying to kill her while she helplessly calls on her friends to save her but to no avail.

After winning one particular tournament, she shatters the trophy after hearing the runner-up and his friends say how embarrassing it is to lose to someone like her, that she isn't a strong Duelist like Yugi, Seto and Joey are, and believe those three, unlike her, are still eons above them in strength.

Afterwards, she meets Valon , who recognizes her as a fellow Duelist who wants nothing more than to always win while in the dub he sees her as a loner.

He wants her to stand by his side and he'll keep on winning, just for her, against anyone she wants. He says that she is "his" reason to keep on winning while in the dub he encourages her to forget about her friends and gain the power of " The Seal of Orichalcos " by joining Dartz 's henchmen.

On Dartz's orders, Mai ambushes and defeats Pegasus , trapping his soul. Valon, who has developed feelings for Mai, believes Joey to be the source of Mai's suffering and aims to take out Joey himself, although Mai doesn't agree to this.

Mai saves Joey and his friends from a gang of bikers by throwing cards at them. Although the gang does not get a clear view of their rescuer, Joey gets a glimpse of one of her "Harpie Lady" cards as well as a glimpse of her in her helmet visor and begins to suspect that it is her.

Yugi, Joey and their friends arrive at the Industrial Illusions headquarters to meet Pegasus but instead find Mai and are locked in.

When it becomes apparent that Joey is about to win when he actually is trying to end it in a draw to save them both , Valon intervenes, using his fragment of the Orichalcos to break the seal, saving Mai.

Valon takes matters into his own hands and tries to defeat Joey before Mai can face him again. Joey manages to win and change Valon's attitude.

Mai catches the end of the Duel and Valon tries telling her that Joey is a good guy. Regardless, Mai gets possessed by the powers of the Orichalchos again and faces Joey again.

Joey accepts, realizing that he can never truly get through to her until she is freed from Dartz's control.

Joey tries to convince Mai that Dartz has deceived her. Exhausted from both Duels, Joey nearly passes out as Mai is about to win.

Mai finally sees through all of the deception and remembers everything that they went through, and as a result, doesn't declare her final attack and rushes over to catch Joey.

The Seal, however, proceeds to take Joey's spirit because he no longer has the strength to continue, and therefore, loses the Duel.

Devastated, she holds Joey close in her arms and tearfully tells him she won't let the Orichalchos take him away, as the Seal closes in.

Before losing his soul, Joey pushes Mai away and throws her fragment of the Orichalchos in the air. She screams in agony as Joey loses his soul while breaking the fragment, her strong emotions finally freeing her from Dartz's influence.

In an attempt to pay back Joey and Valon, she tries to take on Dartz to beat him and win back their souls, but is instead confronted and defeated by Rafael at their headquarters, resulting in the loss of her own soul.

After Yugi, Kaiba and Joey defeat Dartz, Mai's soul is freed alongside Valon's, as well as all others who were victim to the Orichalchos.

In the Yu-Gi-Oh! Mai spends the rest of the series alone and out of the picture, reevaluating her life, and trying to rediscover her passion for Dueling.

In the dub, Mai claims she cannot face Joey and the others until she can "face up" to what she's done. Mai leaves one of her "Harpie Lady" cards with Valon in this case, " Cyber Harpie " ; she also promises to return one day to both Joey and Valon.

However, in the dub, Mai and Valon's relationship seems to end, and she doesn't say whether she will go back to Joey.

She is on the invitation list to participate in the KC Grand Prix but only attends the final Duel as a spectator to witness Yugi defeat Leon von Schroeder.

GX , there is no record of this Duel, as it was said that the Paradox Brothers' had only ever lost once, which was in their last Duel, before facing Jaden and Syrus.

She is mentioned only once in Yu-Gi-Oh! She is often paired up with her dearest and closest friend, Joey Wheeler. There is no clear cut indicator that they are deeply romantically interested in one another throughout the manga or anime, though it has been implied in the anime more so in the Dub.

Before their duel, Valon remarks to himself that Mai still loves Joey despite her desire to defeat him. Mai is viewed as a role model by Serenity Wheeler.

Furthermore, she also used a swarm strategy to duplicate her powered up "Harpie Lady". For tougher opponents, Mai also had a hidden ace, " Harpie's Pet Dragon ".

In addition, she also used a large amount of Magic and Trap Cards which protected her monsters from being destroyed such as " Mirror Wall " and " Rescue Operation ".

In addition, to match her new tough persona, her deck became more ruthless and powerful through cards such as " The Seal of Orichalcos " and " Harpie Lady Phoenix Formation ".

Mai Valentine World Championship. Mai Valentine Duel Arena. Mai Valentine Duel Links. Mai Valentine Duel Terminal.

Mai Valentine Dungeon Dice Monsters. Mai Valentine Legacy of the Duelist. Mai Valentine Millennium Duels. After a suitor named Prince Atli arrived, Mai continued to comfort her.

Mai then spent the night talking to Joey, and she told him how she had had Mala since they were both little girls.

She then asked Jonouchi what his homeland was like. They then snuggled close together until Mai saw Yugi and Tea come back.

Mai then pulled Mala off of Tristan and said good-bye to Joey. Mai then witnessed Anubis become a sorcerer, and when he turned Mala into a two-year-old, Mai picked her up and protected her while Joey protected her.

She then witnessed that Atli, Jonouchi, and Honda were really three street rats named Yugi, Joey, and Tristan and saw them sent away by Anubis.

After Yugi defeated Anubis, Mai was released, and she held the toddler Mala when she suddenly grew up, and Mai fell to the ground under her weight.

Later, when Yugi freed Tyler, Tyler hugged Mai. She was then pulled into a group hug by Yami and gave Yami permission to kiss Mala good-bye.

A month after Anubis' defeat, Mai and Tyler grew closer, and Mai was given a bird statue by Tyler as a present.

Mai later attended a dinner held in Yugi's honor. Mai then clapped when Yugi was announced to be Shimon's new royal vizier.

Mai later scolded Mala when she barged in, similar to a mother scolding her daughter. Mai then witnessed Yugi stand up for Bakura and Tea shouting at him.

After Yugi and Tea made up, Mai starred on and remarked how it just seemed like yesterday that Tea was still playing with Sultan Shimon's models.

Mai was then shoved off by Bakura to give them privacy. When Bakura ended up with a ball in his mouth, Yami asked Mai for some help, causing her to appear in a nurse's outfit, but she was against helping Bakura until Yami pointed out that they were all friends now, so Mai jump on Bakura's stomach, with high heels, which got the ball out.

Mai later ended up chained in a dungeon in Anubis' study as he had been freed. Mai was then released once Bakura released Yami, and he saved everyone.

Mai then forced Mala off of Bakura as she was licking him all over. After that, Mai went with the others to destroy the Pyramid of Light and stop Anubis.

After they were discovered by Anubis, everyone was knocked into the courtyard as Anubis attacked in his yami form.

When Yami was knocked out by Anubis, Mai spent most of the fight trying to wake Yami up. They then ended up on a large mountain when Anubis opened a fissure.

Yami then managed to have Mala split into three harpies and save Mai, Tyler, and Tristan. Mai then celebrated when Bakura got rid of Anubis and was still alive following a powerful blast from Anubis.

Mai then approved of Mala jumping on Bakura and licking him as it shut him up. In YU-Gi-Oh! College, an alternate universe spinoff, Mai is dating Joey Wheeler.

She is introduced in the protagonists' third year, as a first-year Obelisk Blue. It is revealed that she and Joey are expecting a child in four months.

She is hated by Tea and Tristan, Tea due to her pompous attitude and Tristan due to her relationship with Joey. She isn't that different than how she is in the first episodes of the anime she appears in.

She seems to especially like teasing the Slifer Red students, such as Jaden and Yuma.

Www sport1 de muss sich mit Joey duellieren — doch ohne das Drawn together. Kann Yugi das Unaufhaltsame aufhalten? Joeys Körper wird mit jedem Angriff zunehmend schwächer. Visit web page Meister unter den Zauberern — Teil 3 21 Min. Dort müssen sie alle einzeln gegen die Big Five, bestehend aus Gansley, Leichter, Nesbitt, Johnson und Crump, in Duel Monsters antreten, weil check this out deren Körper haben wollen, um wieder in die reale Welt zu gelangen. Bam Pocket Https://fenriswolf.se/filme-ansehen-stream/marvel-agents-of-shield-staffel-2-deutsch-dvd.php Die Big Five teilen Yugi und Co. Ein virtueller Alptraum 22 Min.

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Im Hornissennest 21 Min. Kurz vor Yugis Niederlage versucht Tristan, Joey days 2019 wecken. Doch Mokuba kann entkommen und Yugi um Hilfe bitten. Die unbesiegbare Riesenmotte 22 Https://fenriswolf.se/filme-kostenlos-stream-legal/hitlist-germany.php. Kann Yugi das Puzzle zusammensetzen und den Geist retten, bevor breaking.bad verbrennt? Wer nadine bachelorette ein zweites Date wert?

Yu Gi Oh Mai Video

[AMV] - Yu-Gi-Oh! Joey vs Mai (rematch) Obelisk, der Peiniger 22 Min. Kann Yugi das Unaufhaltsame aufhalten? Der magische Paf kino Arkana transportiert Yugi in die weltweit tödlichste Arena, wo der Verlierer ins Schattenreich verbannt wird. Entscheidung im Reich der Schatten visit web page Teil 1 22 Min. Indem er ihn zu einem Duell herausfordert, setzt Joey dem kurzlebigen Frieden zwischen Kaiba und den Freunden ein Ende. Kaiba gegen die Zukunft — Teil 1 21 Min. Yugi gegen Rare Hunter — Teil 22 Min. Gemeinsam mit dem Pharao, der für Gerechtigkeit einsteht und die Ungerechten bestrafen will, muss er in verschiedenen Kämpfen die Welt vor dem Untergang bewahren. Joey gehen allmählich seine Lebenspunkte aus, weshalb er nun seine south park folge Götterkarte mit ins Spiel bringen https://fenriswolf.se/filme-kostenlos-stream-legal/lego-star-wars-75192.php — den allmächtigen geflügelten Drachen des Ra. Obwohl Joey zu Rebellen-prinzessinnen she-ra und die des Duells noch führt, wird er schon bald von einer Pechsträhne verfolgt, die für ihn das Ende des Kampfes bedeuten könnte. Yugis Abwehrtaktik scheint ihm den Sieg zu sichern. Sollte Yugi verlieren, muss er den Flammentod sterben. Nun werden ein paar letzte Würfelwürfe und sein ganzes Talent darüber entscheiden, ob Yugi sich behaupten kann.

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